3 Free Ways of Marketing an Online Business

When it comes to marketing an online business using free methods, the main key is determining how best to use your time. Fortunately for you, there are a variety of no-cost strategies that have been proven to increase the amount of traffic you’re trying to generate. Many marketers are having lots of success by using articles, forums, and blogs to promote their online businesses. And because their financial investments are virtually zero, every dollar they make is basically pure profit.

3 Free Ways Of Marketing An Online Business:

1. Articles. Writing and submitting keyword rich articles to one or more of the many article directories, with the goal of having readers click on the link in your resource box, is a very hot marketing strategy. And for good reason. Articles give you the opportunity to create traffic two different ways: by showing up in the search engine results, and by having an article picked up by a mailing list owner or content site webmaster. The more articles you have published, the more traffic you’ll get. Another benefit of articles is that their marketing lives are long. Articles can bring traffic years after being published.

2. Forum signatures. Find a forum or discussion board related to the niche that your online business belongs to. Register to be a member and then include a link back your website in your signature file. Start threads that are relevant to the forum. Post responses that add value to the current discussion. Do not spam the forums. The more posts that you leave, the greater the chance of being seen as an “expert” in the field (which will also increase the amount of people clicking on your forum signature link).

3. Blog comments. There are blogs on just about every topic. And the cool thing for marketers is that most of them allow you to post comments (and include links back to your online business). Do a search for a high traffic blog in the niche that you are targeting. As with forum marketing, avoid spamming techniques at all costs. Just post a serious question or respond in a professional and helpful manner, and you will make the blog owner happy, and generate traffic from others reading the blog. You’re basically piggy-backing on that established blog’s readers.

The beauty of the internet is that it gives you many ways of marketing an online business without ever having to spend a dime on it (although you will have to invest some time and effort). Publishing articles, actively participating in forums, and becoming involved in blog discussions are time-tested techniques used to generate traffic for today’s marketer. Besides the website visitors that you will get from these strategies, you will also be creating backlinks for your online business. This will result in a higher search engine ranking, and more organic traffic to your site.